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How do I use the Content Block? Starting from the upper left, this list will summarize what each does and why. Adds links to files from the File Manager.

Automatically downloads the file from the File Manager. Insert Link to Page: Adds a link to pages in the Site Map into the highlighted area. Similar to Cut, it copies the highlighted data; but Copy does not remove the data. Also not supported at this time, but keyboard shortcuts work. Pastes back in data. Toolbar option does not currently work. Paste in Plain Text Mode: Modifies the paste option to paste just the text without any formatting or links.

Pastes in text copied from Microsoft Word. Undoes the last option. Format the currently highlighted text using these drop down menus. Makes highlighted text Bold.

Makes highlighted text italicized. Makes highlighted text underlined. Makes highlighted text struckthrough with a line. Aligns text or media to the side indicated, wrapping lower text around it. Adds in Bullet points or Numbering to the selected lines, and indents those lines.

Undoes an indent or shifts the text line into the right. Indents a large block of text. Inserts a url into the selected text or image. Must paste in url. Undoes any hyperlinks on the currently selected image or text. Creates anchors that can be used to reference that section from another section of the page, or even another page using hash tags; ie: Top of the Page Also note that referring to the top of the page does not actually require a hashtag: Adds an image to the selected content area with the url.

Removes useless or redundant html code. Can fix minor display issues.

Illinois Natural History Survey How do I use the Content Block?

Allows viewing and editing of the html. Changes the color of the selected text. Adjust properties of the rows of the currently selected already created table. Adjust cell properties of the selected previously created table. Adds in a row to the table before or after the highlighted row. Deletes selected table row. Adds in a column to the table before or after the highlighted row.

Deletes selected table column. Split merged table cells: Creates one row or column from multiple. Creates a line horizontally across the content. Useful as a separator. Removes formatting font, size, color, positioning. Shows borders otherwise not visible, such as those in tables that have been hidden. Inserts sub or superscript into the text.

Adds the current time on a 24 hour format, in hours: Changes the direction of the text, including punctuation. Opens a window to select a custom symbol to insert into the text. Adds a content break, and the width of the line can be designated.

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See how the content will look before updating it. Change various aspects of the CSS for the selected area, including color, background, positioning, borders, etc. Spellchecker automatically underlines detected words. Inserts a citation into selected text, which is shown on hovering over.

Strikesthrough text that is set for deletion. Can also set when the deletion was made with window. Similar to deletion, underlines text that has recently been added. Inserts attributes that can be referred to by type. Shows visual format characters, such as paragraph and page breaks. Insert non-breaking space character: Adds a page breaking character.

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