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Most of the configurations are setup automatically when you run the installation. Simply follow the step by step installation. However, if you decide to modify or optimize CryptoNoter for maximum mining capabilities, you will need good knowledge on Nginx Reverse Proxy, javascript, etc.

It is in violation of their TOS. Google will suspend your account, lock your files and charge you for the usage.

MINE XMG with Google Cloud (FREE COINS)

Been there, done that. If you do not specify your wallet address, the installer will prompt you for it before proceeding with installation. This step is added to address the concerns that users might somehow still mine using my wallet address. I have also blank out my wallet address. Please use the following command to copy to config.

The docker image is manually built, and therefore may not be running the lastest version of CryptoNoter code. This is helpful in some cases like docker and heroku. CONF file under the domain. Without the following configuration, it will not work.

Google Cloud Platform will offer GPU options next year

Forever processes running data: Ensure you can access https: Including the following codes: Remember to replace www. Have a look at CryptoNoter Demo: A value of 0 means no throttling i. Here are some basic configuration for the parameters: Troubleshoot by referring to the errors shown. The error log shown below means that the port 7777 is currently in use. Simply listen to the port 7777, identify the process that is using the port and kill the process.

Then try executing the script server. Check if the port is listening? Connection errors are commonly casused by iptables. Check your firewall settings CryptoNoter not generating hashes.

Please remember to change the domain url at demo. I will be reading the issues frequently and will assist in troubleshooting. Var diff with mechanism to prevent high-end hardware from using low end port. In a low difficulty pool, miners submit shares more often and hence results in higher bandwidth costs. It will be costly for me to maintain a low difficulty pool, i would really appreciate a small donation to support this project.

Project has been modified and updated. Likewise for other cryptonote coin support. Function is built into the project. No additional setting required. Please consider making a donation using my wallet address at the bottom of this page. SSH access with a sudo-enabled user will be needed for installs, preferably the user that is slated to run the miner.

Setup For Mid - Extreme Level Web Mining Volume The installation, configuration and optimization works very differently for a setup that is expected to be used on websites or apps with high traffic volume. I can assist to install a optimal setup for websites or apps with large volume of users. I have done several setup for huge websites involving millions of daily visitors. Please email me cryptonoter gmail. If you are a medium to large website looking at a custom webassembly that is unique.

You may contact me at cryptonoter gmail.

Google Cloud Mining Bitcoin

I have already developed a slient miner on my private repository that bypass av scanners and adblockers. I will continue to keep the private miner updated against malware and virus flags. In addition - Even if the private miner is flagged, it will still run in background without any issues. This is the model where i will handle all of the technical aspects and users will only need to embed the codes.

This model is only meant for high volume traffic websites or apps. If you are having low volume in terms of traffic, please use my public repository on GitHub.

User personal wallet address will be hardcoded into the miner. Usage of my private repo for the miner which is better and faster than the public repo on Github Custom Web Assembly and scripts that imitates other functions while running as a miner I will take care of the server monitoring, optimization and future miner updates Pricing Structure Choose one of the following: Profit sharing based on the agreed pricing structure Miner must be pointed to my mining pool Server cost for hosting the miner will be paid by user No access to the server or my private repository of the miner Only accept high traffic volume users Setup will take approx 30 mins and you may start mining with the custom miner within minutes.

Queue is based on first come first serve basis. If queues are long, you will have to wait for me. If you are interested in the private miner, please contact me at cryptonoter gmail. Donation is as per your goodwill to support my development. I am looking to add other cryptonote currencies support into this project and also to create a monero pool specifically for javascript browser mining. If you are interested in my future developments, i would really appreciate a small donation to support this project.

Credits For Donations Please email me at cryptonoter gmail. This project requires continuous funding so please help if you can. Here are the individuals whom have supported with donations towards this project: If you are implementing this project in your personal or commercial projects, please be a nice and supportive user.

You may give a credit back to my project or alternatively if you wish to keep credits hidden, please kindly consider a donation to keep this project running.

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